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We have all heard from patients that they eat a good diet. But that really doesn't mean much until we begin to break down the process of true nutrient acquisition.

Nutrient acquisition involves much more than swallowing biochemical substances. We all know that digestion begins with events even before food gets into our mouths but what happens after that?

Nothing is more important to nutrient acquisition than the enzyme processes involved in nutrient absorption, assimilation, transportation, and ultimate utilization at the cell level. The efficiency of this process determines the amount of energy extracted from food and the amount of toxic waste substances left over.

The question we ask our practitioners is how did you come to select the products you use in this critical process of helping your patients with nutrient acquisition and cellular energy production?

While many nutritional companies make some type of digestive enzyme support product, many of these companies are not deeply committed to this all important process from beginning to end. Many companies use ingredients thrown together for the purpose of having a "digestive enzyme" product in their mix. Many companies still use animal enzymes when the latest research shows that patients would be better served with newer and more effective enzyme sources. Many companies use binder, fillers and other unnecessary foreign substances that can add to your patients' toxic burden.

We invite discriminating practitioners to discover the truly important factors in selecting products critical to the digestive and nutrient acquisition process.

High quality digestive and systemic enzymes are the critical missing link to the most important reason for eating foods and that is the extraction of energy to run metabolic processes.

Our choice for the highest quality enzyme products with labeling integrity, backed by original research and development, is Transformation Enzyme Corporation.

Please contact us for a 30 minute presentation on the critical factors in selecting the purest, most efficient and effective enzyme products in the market today.

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