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Transformation Enzymes Immune AV 60 count

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Immune AV- 60 count

Provides maximum viral deactivation and optimum immune system stimulation


The viruses that cause infections in the human body are generally smaller than bacteria and can easily pass through the tiniest of cellular and inter cellular filtration systems. When viruses enter the body, they live and thrive off of that organism's cellular enzyme production. Fever, headaches, muscular aching, and chills usually characterize viral infections. Examples of viral infections include the common cold, mononucleosis, influenza, polio, tonsillitis, infectious hepatitis, encephalitis, measles, and even certain forms of asthma.

Allopathic drugs have been shown to have little or no effect upon viruses. Natural therapeutics, on the other hand, have proven to serve as the first and best line of defense against these invading microorganisms. Immune AV is a powerful combination of vitamins, herbs (both Eastern and Western), enzymes, and minerals. This combination has been specifically chosen to provide maximum viral deactivation, optimum immune system stimulation, and optimum immune system support.

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