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SafeCareRx Allergies: Southern US homeopathic 2oz

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Allergies: Southern US homeopathic 2oz


Indications for use: For red, itchy, watery eyes, sore throat, cough, hoarseness, fatigue, runny nose, sneezing, congestion and headache from grass, trees, weeds, pollen and mold in AR, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL, TN, KY, WV, VA, NC, SC, and east TX.

Complementary formulas: Allergies: Foundational Formula 1


  • Mold Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Allergies and Hay Fever
  • Constitutional Enhancer
  • Sinus Relief
  • Allergy and Red Eye Relief
  • Allergy/Food and Chemical Reliever
  • Yeast Freee...Ò
  • Asthma Clear
  • Lungs and Bronchial Relief
  • Colds and Flu
  • Blood and Kidney Detox
  • Liver Detox
  • Lymph Detox
  • Acute Viro Reliever
  • Chronic Viro Reliever
  • Bactero Reliever
  • Swollen Glands Relief
  • Cough Control
  • Acid Clenz
  • Snore Control

Official HPUS Ingredients: Juniperus virg, Anthoxanum, Histaminum, Adrenalinum, Allium cepa, Arsenicum iod. Other: Southern Allergen Complex (Boxelder, Maple mix, Careless Weed, Ragweed mix, Birch mix, Lamb’s Quarter, Cladosporium fulvum (mold), Curvularia spicifera (mold), Bermuda Grass Smut, Epicoccum nigrum (Mold), Helminthosporium interseminatum (mold), Sweet Gum, Perennial Rye Grass, Red Mulberry, Penicillium notatum (mold), Pine mix, English plantain, Sycamore, White Poplar, Pullularia pullulans (mold), Oak mix, Rhizopus nigricans (mold), Dock mix, Johnson Grass Smut, American Elm, Cocklebur).