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Multiscan Wellness devices -"BC-OXI" and "WellnessPro" are the latest and most advanced integration of scientifically proven multiple technologies for monitoring your patient’s physiological systems with easy non-invasive in-office screening. Multiscan technologies offers a dynamic data point collection device within a 10 minute testing process.

Why Use MultiScan In Your Wellness Practice?

Because Physiology always precedes pathology. Multiscan complements functional and pathological evaluations of a patient’s health journey with vitally important solid physiological assessment data. Multiscan creates economy of scale, speed, and accuracy by combining popular technologies with our revolutionary and exclusive addition of our proprietary alternative software program.


  • Scan Under 10 minutes
  • Repeatable, Reproducible
  • Results immediately available
  • Easy exam, non-invasive and no disrobing
  • Provides 3D visuals for patients
  • Printable reports
  • Global view of body systems
  • Provides Lifestyle advice
  • Affordable to practice
  • Aids doctor and patient in next steps
  • Can be performed by staff

Whare Our Doctors Are Saying

“In the first few weeks of using this technology, I was able to see imbalances that previous lab testing failed to appreciate. The ease of use combined with the presentation of results have made it a powerful tool.Thank you for providing this!"


For more technical information, please visit our website at www.multiscananova.com.