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MBi Nutraceuticals Bio-Dontalin 90 Capsules

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MBi Nutraceuticals Bio-Dontalin 90 Capsules

Strengthen the jaw, teeth, and tooth sockets with Bio-Dontalin. This special formulation is the right combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to support the entire mouth.


Vitamin C is not only an oxygen builder for blood health, but builds the connective tissue (collagen) to strengthen the bones of the face and jaw. It also improves oral immune factors, a deficiency which leads to a suppression of host defenses that may lead to bacterial proliferation.

Vitamin B-6 helps muscular weakness, as well as being involved in antibody production. It maintains the sodium-potassium balance, is involved in the proper DNA and RNA action, and protects against splits and cracks around the mouth. It also helps with tooth decay.

Folic Acid is necessary for all body cells, synthesis of DNA and RNA, nucleotides, amino acids, red blood cell formation and antibodies to fight infections. It maintains epithelial cells and mucosal cells.

Calcium builds bones and maintain mineral balances. It's essential for normal muscular contraction and growth and for normal neuro and nerve transmission. Calcium helps regulate the parathyroids and helps prevent softening of the bones.

Magnesium is associated with neuromuscular contraction and protein synthesis, muscle contraction, metabolism of Vitamin C and calcium. It is necessary for the teeth, electrolytes and for the brain and nerves, as well as nervousness and irritiability.

Copper is necessary for protein metabolism, the formation of the myelin sheath over nerves, elastin formation, bone formation, immune response, skin pigmentation, growth, and oxidative enzymes that help destroy toxins in the blood stream.

Zinc is essential in the synthesis of nucleic acids and for wound healing, skin affections and for phosphorus and protein metabolism, as well as for displacing excess copper in the elastin of the arteries.

Vanadium is essential for normal growth, decreases blood cholesterol and hardens bone. It is important to prevent a low resistance to disease and for cavities.

Chromium is essential for blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and aids in the transport of amino acids. It balances the blood sugar by carrying insulin through the cell walls.

Lemon Bioflavanoids are known as part of the Vitamin C family to build the connective tissue, collagen and help rid the body of infections and inflammations.

Shave Grass herb is a mucous membrane healer and aids in preventing cavities.

Horsetail Herb is a wound healer and helps harden bones.

MBi Nutraceuticals

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