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IBD: Etiology and Clinical Strategies for Patient Care

IBD: Etiology and Clinical Strategies for Patient Care

Inflammatory bowel disease, also known as ulcerative colitis or Crohn's, can be a difficult condition for a patient to manage. Approximately 1.6 million Americans have IBD, with around 70,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Conventional medicine relies on anti-inflammatory and anti-immune system medications that, while effective in many, can have side effects and do not address the etiological causes for IBD occurrence.

This lecture will discuss the two forms of IBD, signs and symptoms, conventional work-up, and treatment. It will also discuss the integrative multifactorial work-up a naturopathic or integrative physician should consider. The lecture will cover therapeutics including diet, botanical, hormonal, and nutraceutical supplementation, fecal microbiota transplant, helminth therapy, homeopathy and acupuncture, and stress management.

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