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Dr. Recommends Gluco Liquitrophic 4 oz

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Dr. Recommends Gluco Liquitrophic 4 oz

***Note: Mediral manufactures, both, Mediral and Dr. Recommends product lines. They are now labeling all Mediral products as Dr. Recommends. Items formerly labeled "Mediral" will now be called "Dr. Recommends".
SAME INGREDIENTS, just an updated label.

You may need Gluco Liquitrophic if you suffer from:

Impaired Glucose Tolerance.

Ingredients: 4 fl. oz (118 ml) Contains 16% USP Alcohol. Aletris farinosa, Ignatia amara, Rhamnus purshiana, Diabatina 2x. Geranium maculatum, Convallaria majalis 3x. In a tincture of purified water and non-allergenic USP alcohol.