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Avino REM 1 oz bottle promotes REM sleep for regenerating and rebuilding body tissues

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Avino REM: promotes deep sleep patterns, lowers stress levels.

Achieving restful, deep sleep patterns, or REM, is key for regenerating and rebuilding body tissues, and vital to a successful anti-aging program. Hormonal secretion production peaks two hours into this sleep, lowering muscle degrading stress hormones like cortisol, and raising muscle building and fat burning hormones like IGF-1, HGH and testosterone. Avino REM promotes REM sleep, and is a great addition to those who are using Deer Antler Velvet Extract and are looking for true 24 hours anti-aging support. This is also a great alternative to those who may be candidates for sleep medications or are looking to improve their sleeping patterns and minimize stress levels.
• Anti Catabolic, prevents muscle break down
• Increases HGH secretion
• Promotes fat loss
• Enhances mood
• Lowers stress levels
• Promotes deep sleep patterns

Avino REM