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Argentyn 23

In our work with practitioners and patients we see more and more microbial pathogens resistant to conventional and even natural healing technologies. Silver has a long history in the physician’s pharmacopeia for excellent broad based immune support. The SPECIATION of silver is the most important aspect to consider in selecting a silver product. Only one silver product with its unique SPECIATION and manufacturing process could measure up to our research and requirements for efficacy and safety as a true oligodynamic silver product. In addition, most silvers being sold today are bound to impurities creating heavy silver salts or silver proteins that do not display the characteristics of this highly effective oligodynamic silver.

Astoundingly and unfortunately we found many silver products being sold in plastic containers, which is a major travesty considering silver and metals in general are highly reactive with plastic polymers. Please read, Facts About Thermoplastic Elastomer Degradation

Particle size, water purity, electrical charge and particle concentration are very essentially important aspects that make the difference between a truly effective or marginally effective product.

Argentyn 23 is a professional silver hydrosol formulation produced by Natural Immunogenics Corporation that is superior to all other silver products available today for a variety of reasons including:

  • Extensive research and development by Natural Immunogenics into the relationship of silver to immune function from a clinical perspective.
  • Optimization of higly specialized production methods guaranteeing product purity.
  • Production of the worlds only true uniform picoscalar bio-active oligodynamic silver hydrosol.
  • The necessary utilization of Transmission Electron Microscopy to insure the optimal production methods and consistent finished product. To date we know of no other manufacturer utilizing TEM.

Argentyn 23 is a superior product offering practitioners and patients the safety and effectiveness of a supplemental form of silver yielding many immune enhancing effects. Argentyn 23 is available in topical gel for external uses and a variety of delivery systems for sinus, lung, intestinal and systemic uses.

Our physician education materials further explain the immune enhancing effects as well as the anti-microbial properties of Argentyn 23 and are available upon request only to licensed practitioners. Please free to call 864-408-8320 or e-mail us for more detailed physician information, patient brochures or product samples.

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