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Virtual Dispensary Overview

Virtual Dispensary: The Process

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Anova Health ™ announces the addition of the following product lines:

Anova Health™ MedPro Whey Complete

Anova Health™ MedPro Whey Complete Flyer
Anova Health™ MedPro Whey-Berry Flavor
Anova Health™ MedPro Whey-Chocolate Flavor
Anova Health™ MedPro Whey-Vanilla Flavor

Information about Anova Health's Products

Anova Health™ ARNOX Advantage: Advanced Nitric Oxide Nutrition

ARNOX Advantage: Advanced Nitric Oxide Nutrition

Anova Health ™ AvinoCort: A Source of Stem Cells & Naturally Occurring Growth Factors

AvinoCort Flyer

AvinoCort Dosing Guide

Anova Health™ Avinotropin & Avinobolic: Sports Performance/Anti-Aging Growth Formulas

Avinotropin Flyer

Avinobolic Flyer

Avino Mic Flyer

Avino REM Flyer

Derma-T Tropin

Avinotropin Velvet Antler List of Research and Findings

Anova Health™ BioThermol Weight Loss

BioThermol Flyer
BioThermol White Paper

Anova Health™ CaliQuil: Exceptional Quality California Poppy

CaliQuil: California Poppy

CaliQuil Product Information Sheet

Anova Health™ Micro Bio Mmune (MBM): Gluten-Free Probiotic

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Why Take Micro Bio Mmune?

We just added Douglas Labs:

Other products lines we distribute:

Argentyn 23: Silver Hydrosol

Argentyn 23 First Aid Gel Brochure

Argentyn 23 Slick

Argentyn 23 Methods of Action

Argentyn 23 Myth and Facts

Statement on Silver Hydrosol Safety

First Aid First Choice

Historical Facts on Argentyn 23

Why Argentyn 23?

New! 1 oz. Travel Sizes

Bio-Botanical Research: Professional-Grade Botanical Combinations

Product Flyer

Bio-Botanical Research Catalog

Biocidin: Scientific Validation of Botanical Ingredients

Preliminary Report on Activity of Biocidin Against Multiple Species of Biofilms

Effectiveness Tests

BioPreventics Research: Beta Glucan/ Immune Modulation

BioPreventics Abstract




Technical Guide Sheet

Davinci Labs

Benefits Line

Benefits Line Flyer - Page 1

Benefits Line Flyer - Page 2

Benefits Line Products

Adipo-Leptin Benefits

Adrenal Benefits

Cardio Benefits

Cortisol Benefits

Estro Benefits

Gluco Benefits

Immuno Benefits

Lean Benefits

Metabolic Arthri Benefits

Methyl Benefits

Osteo Benefits

Sleep Benefits

Telomere Benefits

Davinci Labs Resource Material

Clinical Protocol Guide

Adrenal Protocol

Cardio Protocol

Detoxification Protocol

Immune Protocol

Metabolism Protocol

Sleep Protocol

Weight Protocol

Dixie Botanicals: Hemp Oil Wellness Products

Hemp Oil Wellness Products Slick

Hemp CBD Wellness & Your Body

Genestra by Seroyal

Genestra Phyto-gen Catalog

Innate Response: Whole Food Foundational Formulas

Innate Response Flora Reformulation Flyer

Non-GMO Letter

Acute Defense

Adrenal Formulas

Allergy Response

Calm Response

C Complete Powder

Clear Response

CoEnzyme B Complex

Complete Multi Powder


Dys-Bio GI

Immune Response

Inflama Complete


Innate Detox


One Daily Cap


Renewal Greens

Thyroid Response Complete Care

Vegan Protein

Vitamin D-5000

Innate Response Resource Material

Innate Response Product Guide

Understanding Supplement Options

Shifting the Undercurrents of Metabolic Syndrome

Synthetic Nutrient Glossary

The Importance of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Is your Breakfast Giving you Cancer?

The Unnatural Use of Vitamins and Minerals

King Bio

King Bio: Future of Health Care

Physician Reference Manual

Personal Health Appraisal

SafeCareRx Professional Products: High Potency,Water-Based Homeopathic Remedies

Acne Clear

Arthritis Pain and Joint Relief

Candida Flyer

Lungs and Bronchial Relief

Sinus Relief

SafeCareRx Test Kits

SafeCareRx Top 25

Aquaflora Products: Candida

Aquaflora Brochure

Natural Vet Pharmaceuticals

Natural Vet Products

Nelson Bach

Your Personal Questionnaire & Guide to Use

Bach Original Flower Remedies Pocket Guide

Bach RESCUE Remedy for Natural Stress Relief

Bach RESCUE Remedy for Pets

Medix4Life: A Powerful Stem Cell Activation System

Medix4Life Brochure- Inside Panel

Medix4Life Brochure- Outside Panel

Medix4Life Instructions

Miracle of Adult Stem Cells

Nature's Dynamics: Organic Gummy and Probiotic Supplements

Berry Garden Kids Chewable Probiotic

Berry Garden Kids MultiVitamin Gummy- Assorted Flavor

Berry Garden Kids MultiVitamin Gummy- Cherry Flavor

Berry Garden Kids Omega-3 Gummy

Body Boost Bone & Calcium Gummy

Body Boost Immune & Vitamin C Gummy

Body Boost Joint Relief Gummy

Body Boost Men's Organic MultiVitamin Gummy

Body Boost Omega-3 Gummy

Body Boost Women's Organic MultiVitamin Gummy

Crazy Doggy Joint Relief Gummy

Crazy Doggy Omega-3 Gummy

Fatburner 4X

Garcinia Cambogia

Prenatal Plus Gummy

Raspberry Ketones

ReadiSorb: Liposomal Technologies

ReadiSorb Flyer

ReadiSorb Absorption Sheet

An Overview of Liposome Technology

Atherosclerosis Journal Article

Glutathione: Physiological and Clinical Relevance

Melatonin Scientific Research

Methyl B-12 Scientific Research

ReadiSorb Liposomal Glutathione Research Studies

The Methionine Cycle and Glutathione

Straight Medical Labs: Medical Grade Foods

Protein Bar Product Flyer
Premium Cookie Product Flyer

Cookies: Ingredients and Nutritional Panels:

Straight Medical Labs Oatmeal Raisin Protein Cookie
Straight Medical Labs Blueberry Protein Cookie
Straight Medical Labs Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie
Straight Medical Labs Banana Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie
Straight Medical Labs Cranberry Granola Protein Cookie
Straight Medical Labs Irresistible Peanut Butter Protein Cookie
Straight Medical Labs Irresistible Chocolate Covered Protein Cookie

Bars: Ingredients and Nutritional Panels:

Straight Medical Labs Caramel Almond Protein Bar
Straight Medical Labs Chocolate Protein Bar
Straight Medical Labs Coffee Latte Protein Bar
Straight Medical Labs Green Tea Protein Bar
Straight Medical Labs Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Bar
Straight Medical Labs Strawberry Yogurt Protein Bar

Transformation Enzymes Corporation: Plant-Based Enzymes

Baylor Protease Study Review

Biochemical Type Quandrants

Biochemical Types Overview

A Nutritional Approach

Clinical Observations

Digestive System Health

Muscular System Health

Skeletal System Health

Transformation Enzymes Products

Adrenal Complex

BalanceZyme Plus





EFA 1200mg





Heavy Metal Defense

Intestinal Support


Kidz Probiotic


Liver Support




Mineral Complex


Powdered DigestZyme


Probiotic 42.5


Protease 375K

Protease IFC

Protease IM




Super CellZyme

Thyroid Complex

Unda by Seroyal

Unda Biotherapeutic Drainage Overview

Unda Biotherapeutic Drainage Family Product Guide

Unda Numbered Compounds: The Key to Intra-Cellular and Extra-Cellular Drainage

Teleconference Series: Biotheraputic and UNDA Numbered compounds

UNDA Gemmotherapy Catalog

Equipment Technologies

Echo Water Ionizer: Electrically Charged Water

Echo Water E-Book

24,500 Chemicals in Bottled Water

Research Articles:

Molecular Hydrogen Abstracts

Anti-Diabetes Effects of H2

H2 and Neurodegenerative Disease

NLazer Assisted Lipolysis (NLAL) Exercise Model 777

Why Is NLAL Revolutionary?

Fat Liquefaction: Effect of Low-Level Laser Energy on Adipose Tissue

Pulse Power Technologies

Are You Charged?

Magna Pad Paddle Spec Sheet

MG-Technology Flyer

Over a Trillion Reasons Why Your Body Needs PEMF


Listen to James Doherty speak about Whole Food Nutrients at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine mp3
Lisa Helffrich: Getting Started with Enzyme Therapy, Transformation Enzyme Coroporation Feburary 15, 2007 mp3
Lisa Helffrich: FAQ's and Protocols: Protease and Protease IFC, Transformation Enzyme Coroporation April 19, 2007 mp3
Lisa Helffrich: Energy Balancing Protocols, Transformation Enzyme Coroporation May 17, 2007 mp3
Lisa Helffrich: FAQ's and Protocols: Detoxification, Transformation Enzyme Coroporation September 20, 2007 mp3