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When is a super food a drug and when can it be used to enhance health and therefore athletic performance? We began supplying deer antler velvet to our patients and practitioners over 3 years ago. Ray Lewis and other athletes have used deer antler velvet.

Many times during the course of a day I am asked about remedies for acute allergic response situations. Lately, it has been about air borne allergies. Not having a complete knowledge of the patient and not being able to test the patient I often recommend a multi-dimensional approach. Here is my 1-2 punch for quelling allergic responses quickly and effectively. First of all, I have to have a nutritional formula that builds on quercetin.

There is probably nothing more challenging for patients and Doctors than implementing and carrying out achievable and long term effective patient weight loss programs.
From a Naturopathic perspective, improving an overweight individual’s health with diet modification and adequate amounts of movement that improves range of motion and metabolism are key cornerstones of weight management.

Argentyn 23 is one of the most significant speciations of silver for antimicrobial effectiveness available today. Speciation refers to the specific critical properties of the finished product imbued by the silver sourcing, preparation and manufacturing process. Contrary to what those with little knowledge of silver say, silver is NOT a heavy metal and is not at all dangerous to the body. Silver in various forms are utilized in hospitals, NASA space ships, and U.S.

In my 21 years of practice, I have never seen a supplement like AvinoCort.
Now I realize that this is a pretty outrageous statement and you may be asking the question: Why would anyone put their reputation on the line with this seemingly outrageous statement?

The 2012-2103  winter season is shaping up to be one of the worst flu seasons in more than 10 years.  Influenza A outbreaks in several states have resulted in several deaths including 28 in North and South Carolina as of this writing. Supporting basic immune health is very important this year and especially for the young and elderly.

There is nothing more important to immune health than quality sleep. Getting enough quality deep sleep is critical to overcoming any illness quickly because in sleep we recharge our energy systems. Addressing such an important core issue is critical before we can go on to possible core therapies. Most patients tend to gloss over questions about their sleep in a similar manner as they do in response to questions about their diet. Patients will indicate that they sleep well, but do they really? With attentive deeper case taking questions you may find that patients don’t sleep well.