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About Us

Anova Health Inc. is a physician owned and operated education driven company that provides advanced product technologies through its clinical education, sales and distribution services. Our compilation of twenty years of experience and research has allowed us to be a valuable resource to almost every type of health care practice.

We are committed to expanding our physicians' understanding of the role of several key core therapies in improving the biological and energetic terrain of their patients. Our expertise and commitment in selecting only the highest quality and integrity driven resources comes from our founder's clinical experience and deep understanding of the spectrum of manufacturing processes.

Anova Health's client base covers a broad spectrum of wholistic and eclectic practitioners including Medical, Naturopathic Physicians, Chiropractors, Licensed Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Dieticians and other therapists.

Meet our team

Dr. Frank Charles, ND

Anova Health was founded by Dr. Frank Charles in 2009 to research and provide practitioners the finest quality core products and technical support available today for their patients. His visionary talents and experience in analyzing products and manufacturing processes has been of benefit to practitioners who desire to learn and apply the latest advancements in the fields of functional, biological and energetic terrain medicine.

Dr. Charles' Naturopathic experience includes 17 years of clinical practice and 9 years of clinical support, consulting and technical product training. In addition to his degree in Naturopathic Medicine he has additional advanced training and experience in biological medicine, nutritional blood analysis, blood microscopy, functional medicine, enzyme therapy, bio-response and energetic testing, energetic healing, and various mind/body therapies. Dr. Charles continues to research, teach, write and network with a diverse group of contacts within the healing arts community.

His vision is to continue to expand Anova Health in its role as a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration to health care practitioners desiring to expand and integrate new technologies while delivering effective yet simple models of health care and education to their patients.

Elaine Charles, CPA

Our Philosophy

Our macro philosophy is that the energetic aspects of cellular health supersede all other cellular health activities. The future of medicine is proceeding into the increased understanding of light, sound and mind therapies that are now rapidly emerging.

Our product selections come from a philosophy that trying to micromanage cellular processes or organ function with low energy substances eventually leads to poor results and frustration for both the practitioner and patient. Utilizing products that address the whole body in very positive ways energetically and biochemically can have a profound impact on several health issues at once.

For example, how can the body heal if digestion, transportation, and assimilation of nutrients are not optimal? Therefore, we choose to use the highest efficacy enzyme products to correct digestion challenges before moving on to nutrient replacement or supplementation. Most enzymes in use are weak, incomplete or just address early digestive phase processes. Many enzymes are afterthoughts or narrow offerings of USP grade vitamin manufacturers and marketers. The Anova Health model addresses essential digestive function and powerful enzyme therapy as an essential component in health restoration after food intake. As people age their digestive function drops substantially in today’s societies. This leads to amino acid insufficiencies, fatty acid deficiencies and hormonal dis-regulation. The use of supplemental food based enzymes is a primary anti-aging strategy.

Whole food nutrients when processed with the latest technologies can alleviate the need for the plethora of isolated and incomplete formulas that have become the darling of vitamin manufacturers. If nutrients are lacking, we would rather provide a broad array of whole food nutrients before attempting targeted therapy as practiced in nutritional and functional medicine circles. While we believe in functional medicine principles and diagnostic testing the answer to correcting nutrient issues goes deeper into detoxification and cellular energetic function and these issues are better addressed with more advanced therapies than vitamin replacement.

There are over 1,000,000 biochemical reactions occurring in a cell per second. There are over 300,000 nutritional compounds that have been identified in foods and scientists believe there may be over 1,000,000. Giving an individual maybe 35 to 50 synthesized or isolated compounds lacking all of the phytonutrient components and ligands in real food contributes to increased risks and poorer results in the long run.

The use of broad based, highly active enzyme and whole food nutrient products provides core nutritional needs allowing the practitioner to move on to specific nutritional, immune modulation, homeopathy, herbal detoxification, energy medicine and essential mind body protocols and healing.